the project is a pre-feasibility study of a Smart Village in Sierra Leone. Presented at Milano EXPO 2015 has been awarded as the best innovative and implementable project for the development of poor areas of the african continent.

Sector analysis conducted in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, as well as on the Veneto Region, using employment accounting matrices and occupational matrices with impact simulations of investments on the local economy with direct, indirect and induced effects.

"Let's count them in order that they count" is an international initiative project that aims to accompany governments and local communities in order to promote children's rights in policies implemented in the area.

The Atlantech project saw the transformation of an innovative idea into the building/lighting industry into a product market ready, with the creation of a new Startup, Spin Off accredited at the University of Verona and the filing of an international patent . From the drafting of the Industrial Plan to the search for Industrial Partners, to the launch of the product on international markets.

An environmental education project for cities crossed by rivers.