Analysis of the Veneto Region's agricultural sector, analysis of past trends and simulation of future trends. Construction of the Social Accounting Matrix of the Veneto Region and Impact Simulations of the PSR

The project employs an integrated methodology for the upper Brescia part of Garda lake, Valtellina and Val Camonica with extension to the natural reserves managed by the Lombardia Region as a model of integrated, multifunctional and sustainable development of mountain areas.

This project focuses on the comparison of the 1963 economic system of the Valle D'Aosta region  with the most current one in 2002 through the construction of two regional social accounting matrices.

A few examples of possible conflict solutions are discussed, mediating various interests, conciliating the reasons for each other's reasons. ELL participates in the graduation of the University Master in Family Mediation.

The project concerns the economic, social and financial development of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

The project concerns the analysis of employment data of the Province of Verona focusing on family-work conciliation

Construction of Social and Private Public Sector Balances for Spending, Generation and Gender Sectors, with dedicated efficiency analysis based on the construction of budget indices and comparison with other entities.

The project starts with the purpose of developing a basic tool for knowledge, analysis and interpretation of the Moroccan socio-economic context at the state and regional levels. This tool is based on the social accounting matrix, that is, a double entry matrix that reproduces the cycle of production-income-spending-savings-investment.