The project aims to respond to t greater fairness in the distribution of resources for welfare programs and the pricing of public services demanded by Local Administrations throughout Italy. In a modern state, a careful use of public money requires that access to goods and social services is given only to those who are in effective need.

The project concerns a feasibility study for the construction of an Industrial and Logistics area in Jenin, West Bank.

Economic and Industrial development can help the israel-palestinian peace process?

The project is born in response to the training demand of the Air Dolomiti partner, and involves the local development of the old Boscomantico (VR) airport, with goals ranging from human capital formation, with highly specialized and professional knowledge and skills, to supporting research and industrial development, to make an important contribution to the growth of the aeronautical sector.

The project focuses on the study of costs and benefits of adopting rehabilitation therapies. It is a topic of great economic and social importance both in terms of efficiency in the use of public resources and to improve the quality of life of the effectiveness of healthcare interventions.

EUROMID BRIDGE is a direct logistics corridor linked to the Middle East using existing infrastructures based on the Verona route and connected with the ports and logistics systems of Northern Europe, which uses Italian ports and entering the region through the port of Haifa.

Analysis of Child Crime both at macro and micro economic level and impact assessment on individual and social welfare of intervention measures.

The project is based on the creation of a social accounting matrix of the Province of Vicenza, with simulations and shocks analysis and economic policy interventions on the Vicenza social fabric.