EUROMID BRIDGE is a direct logistics corridor linked to the Middle East using existing infrastructures based on the Verona route and connected with the ports and logistics systems of Northern Europe, which uses Italian ports and entering the region through the port of Haifa.

Euro-Mediterranean relations
The Relations between the European Union and the countries of the Mediterranean region operate both in bilateral and regional cooperation, under what it is called Euro-Mediterranean partnership. This partnership aims to create a common space of shared stability and development in the Mediterranean region, with the aim of developing a genuine free trade area that includes tariff dismantling, market access and facilitating trade and regulatory policies between the EU and its Mediterranean partners.
Since the start of the Barcelona process, significant progress has been made on trade with liberalization of trade in manufacturing, with free access to exports to and from the EU and gradually dismantling tariffs.

The Middle East area
By narrowing the scope of analysis to some countries in the area, especially those in the Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Jordan), at present commercial relations cover only a small part of their real capacity, they are gradually intensifying regardless of the political and institutional situation.
The development scenarios in the region are in fact an acceleration of economic growth, supported by a significant increase in international funding, especially in Palestine, and a rise in foreign investment in the entire Middle East region.
It should also take in account that the development will be exponential when it is activated - not partially, as is currently the case - but systematically, like the reconstruction of Iraq which will have important consequences:
- the country's economic situation;
- on the development of international investment in the area, with an international business relocation;
- on the development of the economy and trade of the entire Middle Eastern and Mediterranean region.

The logistics and cargo handling sector plays a central role in the take-off and development of these Mediterranean areas. However, it is not enough to set up a durable, efficient and multimodal transport system in the region, which will enable the construction of a transport network in the area.

The role of logistics
Here is more than necessary here:
- Strengthening and modernizing the institutional and regulatory framework for transport by encouraging coordination between the different administrations of each country, in order to ensure coherence between the various national policies;
- adapt the existing network to the expected growth of traffic, also preparing the necessary financial schemes to ensure its realization;
- ensure a structured, well-connected and interoperable transport network;
- define, along each corridor, a security plan;
- simplify the process of transition to the borders and  harmonize customs practices;
- foresee transport planning, interoperability, coordination, multimodal platforms, logistics, information technologies.

All this, adapting to the specific needs of the different partners in a highly complex area.

EuroMidbridge /network
In order to meet, study and find a solution to these issues, the EUROMID  BRIDGE initiative (now EUROMIDNET) has been launched, whose purpose is:
- to create a more direct link between North and South Europe, on the one hand, and the Mediterranean and Middle East area on the other, by promoting more exchange volumes

- to start industrial and logistic settlements overcoming, in the name of economic development, the difficulties and tensions in the area and, in fact, the size of a wider regional market in the Middle East, as well as internationally desired. (Corridor for Peace and Prosperity)

The initiative directly involves the Italian, European and Middle-Eastern port and inter-port operators, shipping companies and transport companies, the entire logistics system and commercial and industrial companies. It is based, therefore, on a system of mutual benefits and interests, which place the different participants on the same level.
EUROMID is therefore a logistics corridor that connects as one integrated system with Europe in the Middle East, uses existing infrastructures in Europe, uses Italian ports, penetrates the Middle East region through the port of Haifa,
Jenin industrial area in support of economy and exports, crosses the Jordanian border to the north by attracting investments in this country, penetrates the wider regional market by offering a rapid and efficient alternative freight movement.

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