The project is based on the creation of a social accounting matrix of the Province of Vicenza, with simulations and shocks analysis and economic policy interventions on the Vicenza social fabric.

In a modern economy, public and private decisions are taken on the basis of high-value-added information and reliable, predictable measures. The speed and level of confidence with which these decisions are taken represent a crucial factor of competitiveness. The operating choices of the single enterprise are also closely related to their territory, understood as the set of subjects, structures, factors and environmental resources that make up the reference system. In general, in support of your decisions, today the entrepreneur can access:

   - "Micro" data coming from its information system also related to the published budgets of affiliated and competing companies;
   - Descriptive reports of the macroeconomic local economy, drawn up in various forms and by various entities, relating to the various economic sectors considered individually.

However, a link between the two types of information is not available at micro-economic level, where there is a lack of linkage between businesses, families and institutions, and macro-economic, where the relationship between sectors of the economy is not considered. Economy and various types of economic agents.

Vicenza economy is increasingly interconnected with more concentrated systems (regional, national, European and global) and the difficult economic situation of recent years, coupled with rapid technological innovations, increasingly strong global competition, changes in geo equilibria politics and the volatility of financial markets leads to the indispensable need to rethink the province's development model. Some issues emerge among others: the need to strengthen the connection between businesses and world markets, the progressive dematerialization of production, the greater role of trade strategies linked to the brand, and the identification of areas of possible development among which it should be considered The reformulation of the tourist offer and the valorization of the research activities. The recognized ability to make and the spontaneity of the Vicentino production system will hardly be enough to return to a path of growth; It is necessary that institutions, associations, trade unions and the civilian world set up programmatics that help businesses find the virtuous path that will enable our province to be the protagonist in the future.

The project responds to this need of the entrepreneur and the public decision maker to anticipate economic changes to implement ex ante economic  policies aimed at minimizing negative consequences during times of economic crisis and maximizing growth opportunities In the positive phase of the economic cycle.

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