An environmental education project for cities crossed by rivers.

The goal is to create an environmental consciousness in the new generations to create responsible behaviors and provide reflection ideas.

The care of environmental amenities is a great factor of tourist attraction, an investment not a spending for the Public Body. The well-being of a person depends not only on the enjoyment of private goods but also on public goods, tangible and intangible. The value of a walk, cheered by flowers, for example, has a higher value.

The Ponti Fioriti project is to equip the bridges of a river water plumbing system by using solar pumps to power a drop irrigation system that draws vases hanging from the railings or bridge protection walls. The solar pump uses the largest available resources in the sun, using the river water resource available at no cost. No additional cost or maintenance. For the municipalities crossed by watercourses, the adoption of the "Ponti Fioriti" project represents both an efficient use of the free resource represented by river water and a way to embellish bridges of little aesthetic value.

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