At the University of Verona he held teaching assignments for "International Economic Institutions", "Regional Development Economics" and "International Economic Policy".
Mayor of the City of Verona for two terms, he has served as vice-vicar of the ANCI-Italian National Association of Municipalities.

He has held numerous positions: Chairman of the LIRICO - ARENA VERONA FOUNDATION; Member of the Board of Directors of SERENISSIMA BS-VR-VI-PD; President of the Consortium ZAI - Consortium for the Industrial Development of Verona - Interporto di Verona and of the Società QUADRANTE SERVIZI, management company of the Interporto di Verona; Vice President of FICEI - Italian Federation Consortia and Industrialization Bodies; UNIONTRASPORTI Administrator of Unioncamere; TRANSPADANA Administrator for the construction of a high-speed line; MECENATE '90 Board Member.

It has been the Head of Project for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the "Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Industrial District in Jenin-West Bank" project.
He is Development Economist of ISTIDAMA - ARABIC FOR SUSTAINABLE, a consulting company based in Dubai.